No valid will in the state of Florida?

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In the state of Florida, if someone dies without a valid will, his or her probate assets are almost never turned over to the State. Florida will take the decedent’s assets only if the decedent had no heirs. The decedent’s “heirs” are the persons who are related to the decedent and described in the Florida statute governing distribution of the decedent’s probate assets if he or she died without a will. Estate Planning and Private Wealth transfer may sometimes involve complex tax planning, requiring the assistance of

estate planning and your will

A 3 Minute Probate vs. Trusts Video

skilled and knowledgeable legal counsel. Estate Planning for most individuals, however, involves making decisions about who is to receive their property after death.The typical “will conference” includes a discussion of Florida’s new power of attorney laws, which are now very comprehensive and complex, as well as the advance directives for living wills, selection of a pre need guardian, and very importantly, a healthcare surrogate.

For help or answers to will and estate planning related questions, you can contact BaskinFleece at 727.572.4545.

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