Historical Events On April 1st, Dating Back To 1621

April 1, 2014: Ten Year Anniversary! Congratulations to Jay Fleece, Hamden Baskin and their team for serving the community and its clients since 2004.

Jay&HamdenApril 1, 2004: Joseph (Jay) Fleece III, and Hamden Baskin III, formed the law firm of BaskinFleece. They decided to combine their extensive knowledge and experience to create a unique law firm that was focused mainly on contested estate, trust and guardianship matters. Their philosophy was simple: leverage trial skills with the knowledge of probate and trust law to provide consistent, efficient and effective representation for their clients.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 3.56.36 PMApril 1, 1991 Supreme Court: It rules jurors can’t be barred from serving due to race.


April 1, 1976 Apple Computer: Stephen Wozniak & Steven Jobs found Apple Computer.


April 1, 1955 1st Broadcast: WTVT TV channel 13 in Tampa-St Petersburg, FL (CBS) broadcasts for the first time.

April 1, 1866: US Congress rejects presidential veto giveing all equal rights in US.

April1, 1803: French law rules the use of intention.

April 1, 1789: The first U.S. House of Representatives forms and elects its first speaker.

$April 1, 1778: Oliver Pollock, a New Orleans businessman, creates the dollar  “$” symbol.

April 1, 1700: April Fools Day tradition is popularized.

April 1, 1621: The Plymouth, MA, colonists created the first treaty with Native Americans.

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