Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Retired couple estate planning

BaskinFleece prides itself on its unique ability to handle all aspects of wills and trusts, including estate planning. Estate planning and private wealth transfer may sometimes involve complex tax planning, requiring the assistance of skilled and knowledgeable legal counsel. Wills, trusts and estate planning for most individuals, however, involves making decisions about who is to receive their property after death.

BaskinFleece has the expertise to assist in estate planning for high-wealth individuals as well as for modest estates requiring only simple wills. The estate Wealthy couples and estate planningplanning process should always include a thorough examination of not only the tax implications, but also the non-tax ramifications, which might include asset protection and provisions for long-term healthcare needs. The typical “will conference” includes a discussion of Florida’s new power of attorney laws, which are now very comprehensive and complex, as well as the advance directives for living wills, selection of a pre-need guardian, and very importantly, a healthcare surrogate.

Our lawyers have handled a variety of cases involving will and trust litigation in the courts of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and throughout Florida. BaskinFleece handles all aspects of probate and trust administration. For more information click here, or call us at 727.572.4545.


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