The 9 Most Important Duties of a Personal Representative

Trustee, personal representative duties1. Take possession of all the decedent’s assets and file an inventory including the date of death values of all assets you have in your control.

2. Start a checking account to keep accurate records of income and expenses.

3. Give notice to creditors and may give notice to interested persons by publication in the newspaper. Notice must also be given to interested persons by mail or personal service if Waiver and Consent forms cannot be obtained.

4. You may be converting assets to cash, selling real estate, running a business, insuring and keeping property in good repair.

5. Collect any income due to the decedent like interest, dividends, rent, etc., and pay bills, settle proper claims or object to claims that are not appropriate.

Symbol---Checks6. Final and fiduciary tax returns to complete. You may be required to file a closing certificate for fiduciaries from the Department of Revenue. You are encouraged to utilize the services of a competent attorney to help you with this aspect of the estate.

7. File a final accounting showing all money that came in to the estate between date of death and distribution and all money that was paid out of the estate.

Symbol-Credit-PC8. Distribute assets according to the Will and/or statutes and secure receipts from those receiving assets.

9. File a personal representative’s statement to close estate. Six months after the filing of this statement, your duties are complete.

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This list is not exclusive, but is intended to be illustrative. Some of the content of this information is courtesy of The Florida Bar and represents general legal advice. Because the law is continually changing, some provisions in this blog may be out of date. It is always best to consult an attorney about your legal rights and responsibilities in your particular case.

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