Take Time to Give Today and Plan for Tomorrow

Community foundationIt’s that time of year when joy and thoughts of giving are upon us. Whether it’s shopping for Christmas presents, observing Hanukkah, celebrating Kwanzaa or the day of Enlightenment, take time to not only think about your family and loved ones, but those in your community who are not as fortunate as you. There are many families and organizations right here in Pinellas County that could use your help. If you have the time, volunteering can warm your heart, but if you are too busy to volunteer, a donation to your favorite charity or organization would be appreciated more than you can imagine.

Community FoundationFor example, the Pinellas Community Foundation is committed to making the Pinellas County community a better place to live. Through the generosity and dedication of their donors, advisors, and community leaders, they serve the community in the following roles:

1. Support non-profit organizations in Pinellas County so they may continue to provide effective and productive programs that benefit the community.

2. Serve donors who seek knowledge of community needs and of effective charitable giving vehicles. There are so many ways to give, the Pinellas Community Foundation can help you with the options.

3. Connect to the local community and know their needs. The Pinellas Community Foundation manages programs to deliver grants and scholarships, support educational endeavors, and address priority community needs.

Pinellas Community FoundationIt’s also a time to think about yourself and the loved ones around you. Planning what happens to your assets, estate, other valuables, and pets is something to consider as one of your New Year’s resolutions. BaskinFleece can help you with your estate planning, so call us today at 727.572.4545 to plan for your future, and call the Pinellas Community Foundation at 727.531.0058 to help those in need today.

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