About BaskinFleece

BaskinFleece is a law firm centrally located in Pinellas County, just minutes from the courthouses in St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa. The firm’s geographic practice, Jay Fleece and Hamden Baskinhowever, encompasses all of the west coast of Florida and anywhere in the state of Florida, specializing in estate planning, trust litigation, probate litigation, and guardianship litigation.
BaskinFleece primarily deals with controversies involving estates, trusts, wills and guardianships. The firm routinely deals with the validity of wills and trusts, breach of fiduciary duty, lack of capacity, spousal rights, creditors’ rights and anything related to wills, trusts and guardianships. The vast experience in dealing with and resolving these specific issues has given the firm a wealth of knowledge – which other less involved firms may not have. It is that knowledge base that sets BaskinFleece apart from the other firms and attorneys practicing in this area of the law.

Esatet planning and probate litigation

BaskinFleece handles cases from the pre-suit stages, including mediation, all the way through trial, both jury and non-jury, and even at the appellate level, if necessary. The main focus of the firm in dealing with all controversies is the client. Cost, emotional impact and timeliness are all important to the client and the firm strives for an end result which leaves the client feeling that justice was accomplished.

Experience and expertise:
Many lawyers tout themselves as “probate litigators,” but few have the experience and depth of knowledge that we have.
Our firm’s primary focus is on contested estate, trust and guardianship matters. While we do have lawyers that engage in estate planning and estate and trust administration, the vast majority of our cases involve contested estate, trust and guardianship matters. That is what we do and we do it well. We have handled a multitude of cases involving will and trust contests based on undue influence, lack of capacity, improper execution and even based on insane delusions. We have successfully defended fiduciaries who have been sued for breaching their fiduciary duties and we have also successfully prosecuted cases against fiduciaries who have breached their duties of loyalty and impartiality to beneficiaries. We have sued fiduciaries for failing to account for the estate or trust assets.
For more information contact us at: 727-572-4545

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